General Information

Location: Eastern Bhutan
Distance from Mongar: 90 km (4 hrs)
Elevation: 1,070m, 3,510ft

Besides the exhilarating views of the countryside and the magnificence of the landscape, the place has so many more to offer, being the biggest district in the country. From Trashigang, one can experience the invigorating excursions to Khaling, Trashi Yangtse, Radi, Phongme and other nearby eastern regions.

The 17th century Trashigang Dzong stands with pomp and splendor on the hill overlooking the confluence of the Dangme-chhu and the Gamri-chhu.


Tourism Attractions
1. Trashigang Tsechu festival
1. Tourists are allowed to witness the Tshechu in the courtyard of the Dzong. (now allowed till courtyard even when it is not tsechu, according to the notification)
2. The Kanglung Zangtopelri is open to the tourists.
3. The kanglung lhakhang is open to the tourists.
4. The Radhi Lakhang is open to the tourists.
5. The tourists are allowed to visit the Merak Lakhang.
6. The Sakten Lakhang is allowed for the tourists.

Other Attractions
1. Zangtogpelri Lhakhang, Kanglung
2. Kanglung Lhakhang
3. Khaling Lhakhang
4. Radhi Lhakhang
5. Handloom Centre