Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is landlocked by the Tibetan plateau in the north, Indian states of Assam and West Bengal, in the south and west and Sikkim in the east. The highest peaks in Bhutan give way to subtropical climate and dense jungles as it inches southwards to reveal the lowest point in Bhutan, bordering the plains of India. At its highest point the landscape is framed by the Himalayan mountain chain and rests at a height of over 7000 meters that gradually descends to 150 meters in the foothills of India. Such contrasts in topography and weather conditions are astounding to discover within a small space like Bhutan. Bhutan is sparsely populated with 650,000 inhabitants and is almost the same size as Switzerland at 39,000 sq km. Bhutan’s geographical location and topographic extremes have provided a great range of habitats for a variety of flora and fauna. Bhutan presents an unbelievably unspoiled environment which is slowly gaining recognition from environmentalists and scholars as an ecological treasure-trove.


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